Walking Like Tigers is a coaching program that holistically supports people to live well with autoimmune disease.  Private online coaching is available to individuals. 

Class participants and clients can expect to:

  • Connect with a tribe of people living with a same or similar medical diagnosis
  • Be guided and supported by someone who has been “walking the walk” for more than 25 years
  • Examine the physical, emotional/social, psychological, sexual, and spiritual levels of life with auto-immune disease (medicine? diet? job? romance? fitting in? parenting? where is God?)
  • Learn guiding principles that simplify life’s daily choices—yielding healthier long-term results
  • Find freedom in genuine raw emotion
  • Share in a safe space that lets us vent, question, excavate, and recreate our lives
  • Honor our individual uniqueness and the self-care necessary to live fully and wholly
  • Discover self-value while living in a culture that considers disease faulty or ignores it altogether— what this looks like and the imprint it leaves if we don’t voice ourselves
  • Access each of our understandings of God or life and connect this to our healing
  • Receive a list of quality resources for further exploration


I offer the roadmap in major areas of life to master self-care, based on decades of experience.  The sum of your whole and good health is a result of life’s choices– from what you put on your breakfast plate to the god you may or may not pray to– and every relationship in between.  I provide simple guidelines that are easy to recall and apply. 

Walking Like Tigers will pass on to you wisdom that simplifies the complexity of living with autoimmune disease. 

We will create wisdom together.

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