Walking with Tigers is a coaching program that holistically supports people to live well with autoimmune disease.  Private online coaching is available to individuals.  As an alternative, I run a 4-week online, live, interactive class series that repeats several times throughout the year.  Please ask when the next series begins, if not posted.

I offer the roadmap and the concrete steps to master bodily self-care, to develop a rich heart, to reconsruct mind chatter, and to converse with one’s understanding of God/Source/Life/Science.

Walking with Tigers will pass on to you wisdom on the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual levels of living with autoimmune disease.  Sexual wellness is addressed throughout all aspects.  Click *here* to contact me.

Walking with Tigers will:

  • Explore with you how and when it is best to share your health in personal and professional relationships
  • Guide you with both dietary direction and specific food choices that enhance wellness
  • (Alert you what choices can trigger relapses!)
  • Teach you practices that you can reach for in the event of strong emotions
  • Help you connect with your inner guidance for wellness and your own love for YOU
  • Inform you of supplements and herbs that support long-term vitality, detoxification, and a healthy microbiome
  • Identify and reshape the mental chatter that drives your belief system about your health and your identity
  • Encourage your spiritual journey and conversation with the god/life/source/science/higher power of your understanding
  • Provide a roadmap for you to navigate and choose which modalities of healing are best for you
  • Support you in the search for root spritual causes
  • Lead you to connect with the earth and your circadian rhythms
  • Connect you to valuable resources for further self-education and self-support

Sometimes the disease is the tiger.  Other times, we are the tiger.  Together, we are walking with tigers:

Wisely, respectfully, and vibrantly alive!

To learn more about why I call this program Walking with Tigers, click *here*.