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Email:           Phone: 1-802-861-7748

Please contact me to schedule a free initial 20 minute consultation.  I’m happy to connect with you by phone or online video (Skype, Zoom, What’s App, Google Hangouts).

I work with clients around the world.  My primary language is English, and I’m based in Eastern Time Zone (EST), available weekday evenings and any time of day on weekends.  Please let me know what time zone you live in and what times/days of the week are best for you.

Rates:  Coaching programs often meet weekly and program length can vary according to individual needs.  Pricing is $80.00 flat per session, 60+ minutes each.  Please contact me to discuss alternate pricing if you live on disability income or live with extenuating financial circumstances.  If we agree to work together, I’ll email you an invoice after our initial consult and client agreement. 

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Email:           Phone: 1-802-861-7748


“The winds of grace are always blowing, but it is you that must raise your sails.”     Rabindranath Tagore